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*Owl* Refrigerator Magnet

We used “Woodsies” from the craft store, you could easily use cut shapes of constuction paper for this too, and skip the painting.

You will need:

  • shapes
  • glue
  • paint- if needed
  • adhesive magnet strips

Step one: gather the pieces

Step two: find the wings,  and body

Step three: Add the head

Step four: Add heart shape for face

Step five: Add the eyes

Step six: .. and the eyeballs! Step seven: PAINT

– younger children might enjoy this more if they paint all the pieces first, and then glue it together….

Last!   add strips of self-adhesive magnet on the back when it’s dry and..*VIOLA*!. refrigerator magnet! – Love it.


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Magic *Owl*

How can a small set of owls, bring so much interest around the world? Magic.

So we whipped up some Model Magic today, and started some owls of our own. Awesome. Here’s a start to the model magic “Molly” … just needs some paint for the eyes as soon as it dries out  a bit….. yay!

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Owlets! Oh My

Read about BARN OWLS


Read *more* about BARN OWLS


HEY!..how old is that owlet?


Here is a great pdf file for reading about *OWLS*… it’s a printable…booklet for kids at their reading level.. Called from Egg to Owl. nice!

Click HERE

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