Cruise the river! Look for owls!

Cruise the river, look for owls! If you have ever wondered about the best way to watch for birds, here it is! Stand up paddle is the most fun! 


Cantalope *OWL*

I gotta do this for the picnic. LOL

Handprint *OWLS*

So cute! my goodness.

This idea was found HERE

Lunch with *OWLS*

How much fun is THIS? What’s on your plate today?

Cute Hoot

Cute owl to make up. What a cute hoot!


Click HERE for directions

*OWL* dishcloth

While counting owls is fun and all that.. I do have to do some regular household stuff now and then too, so why not do the dishes with a cute owl dishcloth. Really. Why not? All owls. All the time.

Directions can be found: HERE

*OWL* Tree

We hear these owls at night, in our yard and surrounding woods.  Today, this one stopped over  in the holly tree next to the house.