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The owlets have begun to eat whole critters!  Yep!

Watch Max eat a whole mouse HERE

And, as they begin to eat larger portions, they also begin to produce pellets.

Get your own pellet to take apart!  HERE

The owlets are growing so fast!

Look at this!


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What do *OWLS* eat?

This is a question you can answer by looking at what they have -leftover- from their meals.

It’s really interesting.! I promise

Lab here

Pellets can be ordered here

Charts for sorting? yes. here

Make a snack of *OWL*pellet shaped cookies to munch on (after you wash your hands!!)

Recipe HERE

WANT TO MUNCH ALONG WITH MOLLY??   More  *OWL*   FOOD   FUN    HERE with mousie cookies and owl cakes!

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Owl Pellets

Ever wonder what an OWL  eats?   Check out a pellet to find out.  It’s not as gross as it sounds.. I promise.

Order your science experiment here: Pellets,Inc

They stock pellets and other resources that are amazing!

or here Pellet.com

or here:  Carolina.com <—They also have a great resource manual for this.

… and if you just can’t bring yourself to work with a pellet up close like that.. try this

Virtual Pellet

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