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Want an owl box in your backyard? Build it!

One way to have a successful box, is to know what sorts of owls are in your area. Putting up a box that is attractive to barred owls, when there aren’t any in your area may not  be of much use.

Do you have Barn Owls, Great Horned Owls?

Great Horned Owls can be encouraged to nest in your trees if they are in the neighborhood…, HERE is a suggestion from the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources.

Here are several places that offer suggested plans for *OWL BOXES* depending on the size of owls in your area.






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Potato Chip box into an *OWL BOX*

It’s “almost” to scale.. and pretty funny. Try one for yourself!
We used:
  • large, Costco size potato chips box -turned inside out
  • brown contruction paper (to cover advertising)
  • “air dry” clay for eggs, and owlets
  • guinea pig bedding for “nesting material”
  • Added the owl that we painted for the magnet project

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Owlets! Oh My

Read about BARN OWLS


Read *more* about BARN OWLS


HEY!..how old is that owlet?


Here is a great pdf file for reading about *OWLS*… it’s a printable…booklet for kids at their reading level.. Called from Egg to Owl. nice!

Click HERE

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What do *OWLS* eat?

This is a question you can answer by looking at what they have -leftover- from their meals.

It’s really interesting.! I promise

Lab here

Pellets can be ordered here

Charts for sorting? yes. here

Make a snack of *OWL*pellet shaped cookies to munch on (after you wash your hands!!)

Recipe HERE

WANT TO MUNCH ALONG WITH MOLLY??   More  *OWL*   FOOD   FUN    HERE with mousie cookies and owl cakes!

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Eggciting *Owl* news

Welcome to WESLEY, the newest addition to the  OWL BOX , just hatched today!

IF you are following along, you know Max, Pattison and Austin, along with Molly and McGee.

The next egg hatch might be in the next three days… tune in!

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Want Your Own *OWL* Box?

Want your own *OWL*Box? Of course you do. You can buy them pre-made, of course,  or you can build one of your very own!!

Click here for some great information and directions. This pdf file, shows how to build them and where to place them.

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Owls are so cute. Draw some for yourself!!

Click on over to learn how!!

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