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*OWL* Tree

We hear these owls at night, in our yard and surrounding woods.  Today, this one stopped over  in the holly tree next to the house.




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How old is that *Owlet*

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Want an owl box in your backyard? Build it!

One way to have a successful box, is to know what sorts of owls are in your area. Putting up a box that is attractive to barred owls, when there aren’t any in your area may not  be of much use.

Do you have Barn Owls, Great Horned Owls?

Great Horned Owls can be encouraged to nest in your trees if they are in the neighborhood…, HERE is a suggestion from the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources.

Here are several places that offer suggested plans for *OWL BOXES* depending on the size of owls in your area.





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I find that any of  my research almost always comes back to wool, or sheep, in some sort of fashion. The *Owl* research that I am doing seems no exception.

*OWLING* is a term that meant smuggling of wool, or sheep out of England. The practice was illegal in England from 1367 until 1824. Participants were called “owlers“; their ships “owling boats.

Wool was a main source of tax revenue for the country and so highly guarded in it’s export.



n. 1. One who owls; esp., one who conveys contraband goods


Interesting WIKI article HERE

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What was that food?

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Owlet Wordsearch puzzle anyone?? Yes, PLEASE!!


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We heart owls… wouldn’t this make a tremedous  wallpaper on your desktop just about now? yes, we think so too.. go  HERE to pick one out

Need a Molly or Max squeeking  ringtone for your phone? um, yes you do!
They’re located HERE!

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