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*OWL* Tree

We hear these owls at night, in our yard and surrounding woods.  Today, this one stopped over  in the holly tree next to the house.



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Want an owl box in your backyard? Build it!

One way to have a successful box, is to know what sorts of owls are in your area. Putting up a box that is attractive to barred owls, when there aren’t any in your area may not  be of much use.

Do you have Barn Owls, Great Horned Owls?

Great Horned Owls can be encouraged to nest in your trees if they are in the neighborhood…, HERE is a suggestion from the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources.

Here are several places that offer suggested plans for *OWL BOXES* depending on the size of owls in your area.





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What was that food?

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Owlet Wordsearch puzzle anyone?? Yes, PLEASE!!


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The owlets have begun to eat whole critters!  Yep!

Watch Max eat a whole mouse HERE

And, as they begin to eat larger portions, they also begin to produce pellets.

Get your own pellet to take apart!  HERE

The owlets are growing so fast!

Look at this!

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This is so cute! and easy. Go   here to get a BARN OWL template from the barnowltrust in the UK.

it looks like this —>

  • Cut it out, including the tabs!
  • Tape the tabs…
  • ..and you have a puppet.. so cute!  Make lots for a whole family of owls!


LOok for a color sheet from their website too. It’s very nice and has good infomation with it.

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Carlos was gracious enough to answer some questions about the OWL BOX sent to him by home-schooled children.


Click here for the link

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