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Cantalope *OWL*

I gotta do this for the picnic. LOL


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Lunch with *OWLS*

How much fun is THIS? What’s on your plate today?

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Historic *OWLS*

Fun with owls!

Owls have been interesting  – forever-  check out this golden pottery owl ca. 1690

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Knit *Mice*

Might need some knit mice to go with my knit owls….

Pattern HERE

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What was that food?

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What do *OWLS* eat?

This is a question you can answer by looking at what they have -leftover- from their meals.

It’s really interesting.! I promise

Lab here

Pellets can be ordered here

Charts for sorting? yes. here

Make a snack of *OWL*pellet shaped cookies to munch on (after you wash your hands!!)

Recipe HERE

WANT TO MUNCH ALONG WITH MOLLY??   More  *OWL*   FOOD   FUN    HERE with mousie cookies and owl cakes!

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*Owl* Food Fun

Now you can munch along with Molly!


Read about Owl cake directions here


Mouse Cookies <— fun mousie treat idea.

More Mousie Fun ideas !!!

Choc.CherryMiceCookies <— Link to more mousie goodness

Gummi Rats <— mmmmmm   rat snacks

more gummi rats available ….. also here in 4 flavors !! Love Rats.

Rabbits! ——-
Rabbit cookies

Don’t forget to stock up on Rabbits…

Bunny cupcake idea here

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